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LiveMedConnect Is Connecting Patients to Healthcare Amidst the Pandemic

Since the Covid-19 pandemic was announced, countries worldwide have had to adopt a new normal. Policies are adjusted, and going out to public places is discouraged. The lack of a vaccine and a cure for Covid-19 has resulted in packed and busy hospitals across the globe. In this challenging time, LiveMedConnect provides online medical solutions and doctor consultations for patients in need.

LiveMedConnect is an online medical company founded with the intent to help modernize digital medicine adoption. The company’s philosophy is that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. Through their monthly membership plans of $24.95 for the individual plan and $29.95 for the family plan, LiveMedConnect allows its members to avail of unlimited telemedicine consultations at only less than a dollar a day.

Access to LiveMedConnect’s online services would mean accessing healthcare anytime, anywhere, at their member’s convenience. With their team of U.S. Board Certified doctors and health professionals, LiveMedConnect offers consultations and prescriptions for medical concerns. Some of the concerns that LiveMedConnect doctors address are allergies, constipation, cough, diarrhea, ear problems, fever, flu, insect bites, nausea, pinky eye, rash, respiratory problems, sore throats, UTI, and, for adult females, vaginitis.

The company, through telehealth, also offers solutions for concerns regarding behavioral health. LiveMedConnect’s behavioral health service, Breakthrough, addresses concerns such as addictions, panic disorders, eating disorders, depression, grief and loss, relationship, and marriage issues, trauma, stress, life changes, child and adolescent issues.

LiveMedConnect offers a free appointment scheduling and a free telehealth consultation for its members. An online doctor’s consultation through LiveMedConnect does not have a set time limit and will only finish after the patient’s questions have been given thorough and comprehensive answers.

After a consultation, the patient will receive a survey and evaluate their doctor and their appointment with LiveMedConnect. This evaluation is designed to ensure LiveMedConnect provides its patients with only quality service and the healthcare they deserve. Upon a doctor’s discretion, non-DEA classified prescriptions can be renewed for members who already have prescriptions but are unable to leave their homes due to the pandemic, LiveMedConnect electronically sends short-term prescriptions to the member’s pharmacy of choice.

LiveMedConnect not only connects patients to medical services in the midst of the pandemic but also furthers the importance of adopting telemedicine. Telemedicine, a tool that helps doctors and health experts address patient concerns remotely, has grown more significant as the Covid-19 situation outside the front door continues. Through telemedicine, patients will cut travel expenses and care expenses for children and elderly they might leave behind going to an appointment. Telemedicine through LiveMedConnect will also help patients avoid contracting illnesses in the waiting room and improve their health through regular consultation.

LiveMedConnect is backed by super affiliate marketers and big data companies who ensure its continuous improvement on its journey to promote digital medicine adoption. The online health company will be co-promoted by PreventCare, a PPE e-commerce brand powered by LMC.

As the pandemic remains and physical healthcare grows more elusive due to growing demand, LiveMedConnect bridges the distance between patient and health clinics through online doctor consultations. For updates and more information on LiveMedConnect, the company can be reached through its official website and Facebook account.

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