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Why Employers and Groups Partner with LiveMedConnect

Our affordable platform gives Employers and Groups the opportunity to provide healthcare for less than $15 per month / per person. Employers, Human Resources, Group Partners can offer their employees our incredible healthcare platform for $14.99 per month. Not only does the  employee reap the benefits but also their entire household up to 8 people! 

See and Talk to a USA Board Certified Doctor in Minutes

Convenient, Affordable and Totally Transparent Healthcare!

No Start Up Cost.  No Commitment.

Cancel Anytime.  Less than $15/mo.

For More Information About Employee Benefits Call John DePersio

Better Access To Affordable Healthcare

Access to comprehensive, quality healthcare services are important for promoting and maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary illness and achieving health equality for all Americans.

Added Value

  • Census Impact – Removes non-severe/low acuity claims from Employers Census Report

  • Recruitment and Retention Tool – Value added employee satisfaction, a healthy and happy work force.

  • Portable – Convertible to Employee Private coverage if employee ceases employment relationship for ANY reason.